DIT Holland B.V. began as an intermediary between factories and industries, specializing in technical industrial balls for all kinds of applications. Because we have more than 25 years of experience, with great knowledge in this field, we are able to offer first-class materials at very competitive prices. We source from the world’s leading and highly qualified manufacturers and deliver to all countries of the world.

Customer satisfaction is most important to us. This determines our thinking and actions. Intensive consultation is necessary to understand the client’s needs. Thanks to our continuous collaboration with the highest rated suppliers around the world, we are always working with the latest knowledge in our industry.

DIT Holland B.V.

Balls and Rollers

Large stock

We have an extensive inventory, so we are guaranteed to help you quickly. In addition, we have fast distribution lines from our manufacturers,

Fast response time

Because of our short direct lines of communication with our customers and suppliers, we can serve you quickly. Therefore, an answer is never long in coming.

Quality guarantee

Our balls and rollers are of the highest quality. We guarantee this consistent quality. ISO 9001, 14001. 45001 certified productions.

Professional service

We have extensive knowledge of the balls and rollers along with the right material. We can advise you which materials can be used in your application.